swatch samples

High Quality Upholstery Materials

This page contains swatch samples from some of the main fabric manufacturers we work with. We only use high performance impervious Healthcare fabrics and vinyls which are suitable for use in contract furniture. If you don’t see something you like here, or you’re looking for something to match or complement furniture you already own, we’ll always do our best to get you exactly what you’re looking for. Please give our friendly team a call on 01377 271700 and we’ll do all we can to help.

Fabric Bands

Our upholstery fabrics and vinyls are split into 3 bands

Band A

Click on a button below to view the swatches in band A.

Band B

Click on a button below to view the swatches in band B.

Band C

Click on a button below to view the swatches in band C.

Band A – Impervious Soft Fabrics

  • C&L Gracelands

  • C&L Santos

  • Panaz Highland

  • Panaz Marna

Band A – Vinyl & Faux Leather

  • C&L Harlem

  • C&L Manhattan Antique Faux Leather

  • C&L Manhattan Plain Faux Leather

  • Edmund Bell Metro Vinyl

  • Iliv Rio

  • Panaz Cadet Contemporary 4

  • Panaz Cadet Vinyl Colours

Band B – Impervious Soft Fabrics

  • C&L Bowland

  • C&L Dogtooth Check

  • C&L Herringbone

  • C&L Santos Check

  • Iliv Chatsworth Print Collection

  • Iliv Compass

  • Iliv Exotic Garden

  • Iliv Fiorella

  • Iliv Melrose

  • Iliv Nostalgia

  • Lliv Kanbina

  • Panaz Alba

  • Panaz Gardenia

  • Panaz Graphic

  • Panaz Gravity

  • Panaz Kensington

  • Panaz Milan Monaco

  • Panaz Promise

  • Panaz Provence

  • Panaz Sundance

  • Panaz Tranquility

  • Panaz Westwood

Band B – Vinyl & Faux Leather

  • Iliv Ascot Saddle

  • Iliv Burghley Faux Leather

  • Panaz Haven

  • Panaz Tweedy

Band C – Impervious Soft Fabrics

  • Edmund Bell Bloom

  • Edmund Bell Chelsea

  • Edmund Bell Cranborne

  • Edmund Bell Gallerie

  • Edmund Bell Lakeland

  • Panaz Aviemore

  • Panaz Chelsea

  • Panaz Darcy

  • Panaz Delamere

  • Panaz Destination

  • Panaz Enliven

  • Panaz Eve

  • Panaz Farringdon

  • Panaz Folklore

  • Panaz Highland Stretch (Matte Finish)

Band C – Vinyl & Faux Leather

  • Panaz Brookland

  • Panaz Vyflex Plus