Raydale Recliner Chair

Product description:

The cushioned back Raydale is an extremely comfortable chair, available with three recliner mechanism options (see Technical Information below).

Bespoke Upholstery:

This chair is available in any fabric or vinyl. Take a look at our Swatches page to be inspired by the vast range of specialist upholstery fabrics you can choose from.

Technical information:

Recliner Mechanism Options

All our manual recliners are based on the space saver wall-hugger movement which needs only six inches clearance from the wall. Simply pull on the black clip (pictured) to release the footplate and, with a gentle push backwards on the arm rest, the back will recline while the whole chair moves forward away from the wall.

Single Motor
Ideal for those with back, hip or circulation problems, this smooth British designed single motor mechanism is like no other. When reclined, there’s a higher foot elevation and the back angle to the seat stays fixed, so there is no shear on the back.

Dual Motor
The smooth dual motor means the back of the chair is independent from the footrest, allowing your residents to find the perfect sitting or relaxing position for them.

Additional Information


Dimensions for this product are listed below. Please note that all dimensions are approximate and can be subject to change at our discretion.

Height Width Depth Seat Height Seat Width Seat Depth
1040mm 840mm 960mm 470mm 510mm 510mm

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