Casa Med Bariatric

The Casa Med Bariatric fully profiling bed is available in two styles:- 120cm wide bed with grey plastic headboards and the option of clamp or side rails or 120cm wide bed with ultra beech wooden headboards, complete with metal integral side rails.

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Dimensions for this product are listed below. Please note that all dimensions are approximate and can be subject to change at our discretion.

Length213cm (84”)213cm (84”)213cm (84”)213cm (84”)
Height Adjustment40-80cm (16-31”)24-64cm (9-25”)40-80cm (16-31”)24-64cm (9-25”)
Mattress Width120cm (47”)120cm (47”)120cm (47”)120cm (47”)
Mattress Length213cm (84”)213cm (84”)213cm (84”)213cm (84”)
Width132cm (52”)132cm (52”)132cm (52”)132cm (52”)
Weight95kg (209lb)95kg (209lb)125kg (276lb)125kg (276lb))
Weight Capacity286kg (45st)286kg (45st)286kg (45st)286kg (45st)

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